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Join us for an uplifting Youth Sunday Worship Service this week! Our energetic young leaders will be at the helm, accompanied by exceptional musical performances. Stay after the service to mingle and celebrate in Huffine with a light reception and a book signing featuring our very own Laila Thigpen. We’ll also celebrate the remarkable achievements of our high school graduates! Don’t miss out on this beautiful day—your presence will truly enrich the celebration!

Youth Ministry at DFUMC

Youth and children's ministries play a crucial role in the spiritual and personal development of young people. These ministries provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and teenagers can explore their faith, learn valuable life lessons, and build a strong moral foundation. Through interactive activities, engaging Bible studies, and supportive fellowship, young participants develop important social skills, gain confidence, and establish lifelong friendships. Additionally, these ministries often encourage leadership and responsibility, helping youth to become proactive and positive contributors to their communities. Ultimately, youth and children's ministries not only foster spiritual growth but also contribute to the holistic development of young individuals, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of life.

Important. Included. Engaged.

The mission of Renew Youth is to develop and grow each student’s relationship with Jesus by engaging all youth in meaningful service, activities, and discussions, challenging students to push beyond their norms, and to be agents of change in the world.


Sunday | 10 am

All students are invited to join us for donuts and discussion in the Youth Activities Center (YAC) every Sunday morning. After announcements and an opening activity, students dive into a video lesson brought by some of the biggest names in youth ministry, provoking great discussion and questions related to the Christian faith. Students and leaders explore the answers to these questions and how they might live out a Christian life in an ever-changing world.

Sunday | 5-6:30 pm

All students worship together and listen to a large group message. Then students split into one of four small groups, one for each grade range and gender (i.e. Middle School Boys group), where they will discuss in-depth questions related to the lesson. These discussions encourage students to ask hard questions about faith and allow them to explore ways to grow in their relationship with Christ. Dinner is provided.

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