The greatest honor someone bestows on us is when they decide that they want to join the church and in so doing to partner with us in mission and ministry. It is an exciting time for everyone. We take this commitment very seriously and want it to be a meaningful moment in everyone’s life. If someone decides that membership is not the path for them but wish to be part of the life of the church then that is completely fine as well.

Membership Includes:

Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

Baptism-We recognize baptisms from other Christian denominations as well as infant baptisms and do not re-baptize.

Agreeing to Membership Vows:


 We believe in the power of prayer and praying with and for one another


We believe that we are strongest when we are together often.


 As members together, we have greater capacity when we share the load and serve as one.


Churches operate on Tithes and offerings. A tithe is Biblically 10% of what we earn. We understand that not everyone can start at that level, but we ask that each member make every effort to grow to that point so that the ministries and work of the church can reach more and more of our world.


Offerings are considered those gifts above and beyond the tithe. For example, giving to special mission project or kids programs.


 It is our job as church members to take every opportunity to be an example of the love of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. That includes acting like a Christ follower and being invitational so others can know Him as well.

Our promise is that membership will be rewarding and fulfilling. We can also promise that at some point your feelings might get hurt and some things will not go the way you want. However, we strive to work in concert with one another and our leadership do move as an organization in ways that best advance the Kingdom of God. We look forward to all who join working together in celebration of God’s Church moving forward!

I am ready to join...what do I do now?

Thank you for showing interest in officially joining Douglasville First UMC.

While membership is not a requirement to participate, we feel it is important. The Church is the living body of Christ and membership in the body is an integral part of discipleship. Members make a profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior and commit to support this specific church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

If you are ready to take the next step, please contact us and we will get you started!