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Ash Wednesday Message

What is Lent?

Lent is the 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday, not including Sundays. Lent is the season in which we take time to reflect on Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. Lent is a time that heightens our awareness of our human condition and reminds us of our great need for Jesus. It is best thought of as an encounter with Jesus. The encounter happens when we use this time for self-examination, fasting, prayer, and a turning back to God. It is a unique space in time each year for renewing right relationships with God and those around us, for accepting forgiveness and giving forgiveness, and of being marked by the cross for the world around us. says “Lent is also an opportunity to contemplate what our Lord really did for us on the Cross and it wasn’t pretty. But ultimately, the purpose of Lent does not stop at sadness and despair – it points us to the hope of the Resurrection and the day when every tear will be dried (Revelation 21:4)… The Cross is where our faith stands when all other faiths fail. Christ's sacrifice and his subsequent resurrection are the true "cruxes" of the Christian faith. Without one there would be no salvation, without the other, no hope. In Jesus’ day, Jews from around the world went on Pilgrimage and journeyed to Jerusalem to have the opportunity to be changed by an encounter with God. Will you go on Pilgrimage with me this Holy Season? Will you step out in faith and travel to the Cross – all of us together? You will have the opportunity to journey us as much and as often as you are able.

Lent Week #1 February 17 - 23  

Send a handwritten note or an email to someone you care about. If you are feeling really adventurous, write to several people. Let them know they are on your mind and are a blessing in your life.

Lent Week #2 February 24 – March 2

Do a random act of kindness this week for no acknowledgment. Thank God for giving you the opportunity to bless others.

Lent Week #3  March 3 - March 9  

This week, call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up.

Lent Week #4  March 10 - March 16  

This week, pray a mindful prayer that walks you thru examining your day in order to see God at work in the big and the little things. Download the Prayer of Examen for reference.

Lent Week #5  March 17 - 23  

This week, take several photos of where you see God moving.

Lent Week #6 March 24 - March 28  

This week, read through the Gospel of Mark and then we will meet and discuss Mark’s account of the Cross in the Sanctuary on Sunday, March 28 from

10:15 am – 10:45 am.

Lent Week #7 - Holy Week March 29- April 3  

Register for your Holy Week Prayer Box and take a journey through Holy Week like you've never taken before. Experience the passion of Christ in a way that brings it to life and leaves you with a sense of the tremendous sacrifice given for YOU.